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  • New chat-function

    We are happy to introduce a new feature on our website - we have created a chat-function which enables you to get in touch with us instantly if you need any help. We are here, ready to assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Happy New Year!

    FitXplorer wishes you a happy New Year! We make it possible for you to keep your New Year’s resolution to stay healthy - also while traveling
  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from FitXplorer to All of you. We wish your Christmas days to be full of love and happiness
  • Jannick Gram joins our team

    We are pleased to announce that Jannick Gram has joined our team, and will take up the position as Ambassador. A warm welcome to Jannick, we look forward to working with you. A short biography of Jannick will follow soon.
  • Marketing materials ready

    Today we finished the new design of our marketing materials, which will be delivered next week. We are very excited to show it to you!
  • Pernille Eriksen joins our team

    We are pleased to announce that Pernille Eriksen has joined our team, and will take up the position as Marketing Manager. A warm welcome to Pernille, we look forward to working with you. Click here to read a short biography of Pernille.
  • Staff Biographies created

    We have now added a short biography of each of our staff members, so now you can read about our background and get to know us a little better - just click on our names in the "About us" section to enter the biographies.
  • Read about us

    You can now read about us and the service we provide - Today we created the "About us" section. Now you know a little about us, let us know a little about you by creating a profile and start using our services :)
  • Explore maps created

    We have now created the "Explore maps" section by integrating Google Maps search functionality, so go ahead and explore fitness centers easily with this new great feature!
  • Our Policies

    We have today created a section where you can read about our policies. It's a long text, however here you will be able to find a lot of useful information concerning our the use of our website and our service in general. If something is missing feel free to send us a mail and we'll get back to you ASAP.
  • We're on Social medias

    You can now follow us on Social medias - we're now up and running on facebook: FitXplorer.official and Instagram: FitXplorer.official. We love likes and followers, so help us out and in return we promise to give you the best service we can!
  • News feed created

    We have now created this news feed, where we will be able to post news about updates, new features and general information. These news will also be posted on our Facebook page - FitXplorer.official. Enjoy!